5 Week Ayurvedic Detox Programme

5 Week Ayurvedic Detox Programme

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This course consists of 4 online sessions.


The programme begins with an in-depth 1:1 consultation. Lots of different questions will be asked which will look at your childhood, adulthood and present situation. Any questions that make you feel uncomfortable can be left out, however the more questions you can answer the better, that way I can understand you and what makes you uniques, so that I can create a plan to your personal needs. 

First session: -

In the first session you will receive your totally personalised daily routine, dietary plan and nutritional advice.

You will follow the plan as best you can for the first and keep a journal to record your experience - this can be as detailed or as short as you wish - make it work for you.

Second session: -

In the next session we review your progress. It is at this time that I will give you the Ayurvedic Detox plan. This is simple plan which helps to reset and reboot your system. It nourishes the gut health, balances hormones and reduces stress in the body. In this session you will gain insight on how to improve your sleep, increase energy levels, aid good digestion and take much better care of yourself. You will do this for two weeks.

Third session: -

In the next session we again, review your progress. We will look at mindset and how you view yourself this week and help you to nurture positive self image to enhance your health balancing journey. We will review the Ayurvedic Detox plan and tweak if needed. You will be given more meal plans and ideas. You will do this for two weeks.

Fourth session: -

This is the last session. In this session we review your progress over the last few weeks. How has it worked for you? What hasn't worked? I take you through a lot of questions again to establish your vrkruti (your current state of health). In this session I will provide you with a plan to go forward. Tips, advice and routines to keep the balance going. This is an opportunity for you to ground, root and affirm the changes you have made to help you feel awesome.

Some people choose to continue with monthly sessions following this course or some wish to add on a few extra sessions as they find that having a coach is extremely helpful in keeping their health in tip top condition. 

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