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Welcome! Are you ready to feel more upbeat, fitter and healthier without the struggle? Do you want to ditch feeling exhausted and step into vitality?

Hands on Harmony VIP Online with Jenny Dowling is designed to help you feel AMAZING in your body, emotions, mind and spirit. Get unlimited access to the best online yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda classes.

Bronze VIP Online Yoga Health Membership

  • £12 a month*
  • Practice whenever you want, wherever you want, wearing whatever you want!
  • With so many classes available on demand, ranging from yoga to boost energy to yoga to help you sleep, you can create a fantastic practice at home or on holiday, on any device. You can even favourite the classes you love so they’re always easy to access.


Hands on Harmony Yoga Health is all about guiding you to finding (and KEEPING!) the Whole You - the person who feels amazing inside and out, who has a cup that's overflowing with joy and loves life, who has the tools to deal with any challenges in life and who has abundance in all areas of their being. 

Hands on Harmony doesn't treat yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition or mindfulness as a one size fits all or as something exclusive for bendy model types or dancers or gurus. Anyone, any size, any ability can benefit from the gifts that these ancient practices have to offer and the modifications and adaptations we offer allow for this.

Our online classes and courses are designed to fit into your life, so you can get into a routine for your needs, which you can sustain month after month and year after year.



With lots of different class aims - from Yoga to Strengthen Your Core, to Mudras, to Yoga for Grounding, to Yoga to Revitalise and oh so much more you will find everything you need to nourish your body, mind and soul. With our classes also offering modifications you know that you can practice yoga safely in the comfort of your home.



We know that some days you may have more time to practice than others. 

Our VIP site offers classes with a range of different time lengths.

So, whether you've only got 5 minutes or a full hour and half to spare - we've got you covered.



Vitality is an active process and can sometimes be tough to get motivated, so we love to reward you with fun surprises. 

Every month brings a special freebie or perk for our members, from meal discounts to recipe guides to skincare solutions.


*Monthly subscription. Cancel at any time.

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