Mother Earth provides aromatic essential oils through a plant’s leaves, flowers, resin, or roots.


Essential oils exist within plants for its own survival and existence. When we use essential oils we are given the gift of borrowing those systems for our health and wellness. 


Essential oils are natural and provide us with an alternative to synthetic products that can have negative side effects. 




I’ve been using essential oils since I was a teenager for all kinds health issues from skincare to immunity boosting, and I was introduced to doTERRA at the beginning of 2019. After experiencing the purity and potent quality of doTERRA oils, as well as the charitable generosity of the company, I have chosen to align with them as an eco-conscious wellness professional.


doTERRA are recognised as the global leader in essential oil sourcing, testing, and distributing. 


doTERRA sources plants from where they grow indigenously, where their chemistry is optimal, or where they can have the most positive environmental impact for sustainability practices. 


Their quality standard includes rigorous testing to ensure potency for desired therapeutic qualities, as well as third party testing guarantees absence of chemicals, contaminants and microorganisms.