Online Yoga

Do you want a guided yoga practice that you can do anywhere at any time and... you can wear what you like?! Yoga in your bedroom in your PJs, in your lunch break at work, in the garden, even on the beach!

Do you also want a weekly yoga class that is tailored to a theme for that week, that part of the month or time of year? Do you want to enjoy online classes but without the need to root through 100s of classes and teachers to find one for you?

Let me save you time and deliver a class to your email each week. No searching, no confusion, you just click and begin your class. Simple.


How Does It Work?

You can sign up for 6 weeks at a time or for a year. Each week you will receive an email with a video for that week's class.


Is It For You?

Do you live far away from where I hold my classes? Are you unable to make the times that I run the group classes? Do you feel a bit self-conscious coming to group classes? Do you want to practice when you're on holiday? Do you want to practise at home as well as in group classes? - If you answer yes to any of these, then online classes are perfect for you!


Online yoga means you can practise in private. Practising on your own gives you the chance to really turn your awareness inward, to tune into what is going on in your body, emotions and mind without making comparisons to others around you.


What people are saying about Hands on Harmony Online Yoga: -


'I was a bit worried about trying to do classes online, but Jenny explains everything wonderfully.'


'The flexibility of doing the class whenever, suited me & of course the classes are just perfect for anyone whether experienced yogis or beginners in a teaching way only Jenny can.'


'Being able to go at my own pace and when it’s convenient, works well for me. The quality of the classes is so good - having the discussion of poses, the little philosophical mindful thoughts talked through, and also making connecting with the body and emotions during poses are some of things I love most.'


'These classes are amazing and so positive it is like a weekly therapy session 😊'