Ayurveda & Yoga Full Day Workshop - 19 January (Chakra Studios, Penwortham)

Ayurveda & Yoga Full Day Workshop - 19 January (Chakra Studios, Penwortham)

  • £75.00
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Sunday 19 January - 10.00am - 5.00pm - Chakra Wellbeing Studio, 62a, Liverpool Rd, Penwortham, Preston PR1 0DQ


Start your 2020 as you mean to go on - healthy, happy and in control of your health.

This full day workshop will immerse you in the wonderful world of Ayurveda and how it relates to Yoga. This is a full and in-depth look at Ayurveda and Yogic lifestyle, routine, self-diagnosis and remedies.

Ayurveda focuses on food, yoga, lifestyle and being in tune with the elements. We are all unique in our own awesome ways. Ayurveda acknowledges this, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Prepare to have your eyes opened, to learn so much more about yourself and how you can support and enhance your health in a way that is totally unique to you.

We will cover:-

* Introduction to Ayurveda in an easy to absorb format (no need to fear being overloaded with terminology!);
* What are the fundamental causes of illness and disease;
* Doshas. Uncover your unique constitution - your dominant dosha/s;
* Yoga. Learn which Yoga practice you would benefit the most from - which poses can help bring balance to your life, well-being and health;
* Examine your current state of health - physically, mentally and spiritually;
* Discover which foods will create balance for you;
* Learn techniques to recreate equilibrium when there is imbalance;
* Create a nourishing daily routine to support your health;
* Enjoy relaxation and meditation;
* Comprehensive information booklet to take home;
* Light lunch and refreshments throughout the day;
* And so much more!