6 Week Online Yoga & Ayurveda Course - Tune into the Elements

6 Week Online Yoga & Ayurveda Course - Tune into the Elements

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This 6 week Online Yoga & Ayurveda Course - Tune into the Elements will take you on a beautiful journey through the five elements; Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Ether. We will explore yoga sequences, asana (posture work), food and recipes, pranayama (breath work) and meditation to connect with the elements in nature around us and those elements that exist in our bodies, emotions and mind, taking you closer to balance and harmony.

After purchasing this course you will receive the first class that day and the following the week after. This is a 6 week course which you will have access to for as long as you wish.

Online yoga means - you can practise anywhere at any time and... you can wear what you like! Yoga in your bedroom in your PJs, in your lunch break at work, in the garden, even on the beach! 


How Does It Work?

Sign up for this 6 week online course and then every week, you will receive an email with a video and information booklet for that week's class. Simples!


What people are saying about this Hands on Harmony Online Yoga & Ayurveda Course: -


'I've felt something click during this course, explaining why spiritually, emotionally, physically, chanting and creating/ experiencing sound, moving slower and shifting energy, to meditating -why all these things are so beneficial for me. Also in me being the best me for myself and others. What a great gift you have given in providing a way for people to further understand and accept themselves more, having more to put in that toolkit we carry. To have the essential oils as well was so special.'



'Being able to go at my own pace and when it’s convenient, works well for me. The quality of the classes is so good - having the discussion of poses, the little philosophical mindful thoughts talked through, and also making connecting with the body and emotions during poses are some of things I love most.'


'These classes are amazing and so positive it is like a weekly therapy session 😊'